Friday, 14 March 2008

My 30th Birthday Post

Hi Everyone, I had a great birthday this week, and probably the best I've ever had in terms of presents as a collective so I decided to post some of my favourites. I know everyone loves to take a sneeky peak into someones life window ;)

First up is the best card of the day, this said so much about me before I left my fulltime employment for the joys of freelance.

A friend bought me this genuine 30 year old French Military shoulder bag complete with starter badges, I've always had a few badges of my own and never knew what to do with them, problem solved, great present.

I actually run a business offering professional cd sleeve design and band art, so this was a great book for inspiration. Simply entitled 'Album' compiled by Nick de Ville includes some fantastic artwork, loving the vintage jazz covers.

WOW! Check this badboy out! A Polaroid 1000, takes SX-70 Land Film. Does it work? I have no idea yet, I'm yet to get some film, but I really really can't wait!

A friend bought me 'Street Logos' by Bristol based graphic designer Tristan Manco. There's some really fantastic art in here ranging from 'Bäst' to 'Space Invader'.

How cool is this custom mix tape with the most eclectic tracklist I've ever seen ranging from Stereorobics - Miss Piggy, Thats not my name - The Ting Tings, Pinball Number Count - The Pointer Sisters, Umbrella - Manic Street Preachers, If - Bluetones, Cake - The Flumps and many more crazy tracks. Great fun :)

Meiji sweets, I've not tasted these yet but I loved the packaging.

I got a couple of these little fish, I had one of these before but it died after a few weeks, hopefully I can keep these ones a bit longer.


Miss White said...

Wow! You have been so spoilt this year, you are a very lucky boy! Happy Birthday sweetie! xx

Dreesyach said...

Love your pictures here!! Are you using Pentax K10D? Great. :)

Ow, anyway happy birthday.

Mr Brown said...

Thanks Dreesyach. Yeah, it's a Pentax K10D, the photos are a combination of the standard 19-55mm lens that it comes with and a Tamron 70-300mm using the macro setting for some of the close ups.