Saturday, 19 April 2008

Banksy "One Nation Under CCTV"

Banksy has struck again in perhaps his most ironic piece of work yet. Seen painted on the side of a post office, his slogan "One Nation Under CCTV" was conducted behind a large fence with CCTV (surveillance camera) coverage. The job required the construction of three stories of scaffolding to complete the job and represents one of Banksy's boldest attempts and the irony is brought on by the fact this was all happening under the "eye in the sky" surveillance cameras.

How this was painted on a post office we will never know, but with the increased publicity and large sums his works command, maybe somebody willingly turned the blind eye?

Shepard Fairey does George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover design by Obey's Shepard Fairey

Since recently discovering the works of Obey's Shepard Fairey, I was extremely excited to see he has now been commissioned by Penguin Booksto design two new book covers for George Orwell classics, Animal Farm and 1984. They will be available from 3 July.

Animal Farm book cover design by Obey's Shepard Fairey

Friday, 18 April 2008

The art of Eric Tanner

This is the fantastic work of Eric Tanner, a California based illustrater. You can find out more about Eric on his blog, in the mean time i've posted some of his art and some quotes about each piece. His blog can be found at

"I finally finished up that Indy piece for Acme Archives. My idea here was to create something that looked as if it came out when the movie took place, circa 1936. I was heavily influenced by Mexican film posters from the 30's & 40's."

"It was quite the honor to get to work on these characters that I've followed since I was a kid. In the end, it became a combination of the stuff I did for Incredibles and them old German film posters."

The work of Adam Neate - There's not a lot that comes free in london

Adam Neate has been producing 'Free Art' around the streets of London since 1999, either leaving a single painting or a series leaning or hung against random walls.

After many years of painting illegal graffiti pieces, Neate switched to the works as an alternative form of public art.

Rendered in acrylic and spray-paint on canvas or found materials, each painting is unique, although often suggest ideas for further compositions.

For more work on by Adam Neate, visit his website at