Thursday, 26 June 2008

Spiritualized - Let it Come Down Ltd Edition Sleeve Design

I've recently featured Spiritualized limited album covers for Ladies & Gentlemen and the latest album A&E whilst neglecting Let It Come Down, well, I got one in the post this week so decided to do a feature.

Farrow had seen the work of sculptor Don Brown who's work is focused on his wife Yoko. During the same period, Pierce (Spiritualized) had been reading some psychology about the workings of the brain and I got interest­ed in the idea that when you see an image of a face that is concave, your brain is so used to seeing eyes and noses that stick out that it finds it impossible to read.

Brown then created a portrait of Yoko that could be indented into the limited edition plastic case. Although Farrow didn't create the image, he has said producing this case was much more rewarding and enjoyable than Ladies & Gentlemen.

Spiritualized Let It Come Down Ltd Edition Plastic Sleeve

(I'll be adding more photos of this soon)

Concept and design: Farrow/Spaceman.
Sculpture: Yoko by Don Brown, courtesy of Sadie Coles HQ London


Conroy Van Winkle said...

I prefer the packaging and the music of Ladies and Gentlemen, the singles from let it come down were also released on limited edition vinyl with interesting packaging.
I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for an image of shepard fairey's animal farm cover.

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