Sunday, 15 June 2008

Spiritualized - Songs in A & E Album Art

Spiritualized Music In A & E Album Sleeve Design

This week, I managed to pick up a special edition copy of Spiritualized's - Songs in A & E. I featured Ladies & Gentlemen previously on the blog, which was designed by Mark Farrow who has again teamed up with Spiritualized's Jason Pierce to create the new album sleeve.

The main designer of the project Gary Stillwell's inspiration for the new album cover comes from Jason Pierce's near to death lengthy spell in hospital with pneumonia. Songs in A&E comprises of a 32 page booklet consisting of photos of Pierce on various drips and lots of needles.

Farrow and the main designer on the project, Gary Stillwell, were struck by the beauty of these functional objects. “The idea was to elevate them and draw attention to them,” says Farrow. “They are incredible things … on a completely la-la level I love the fact that [in the photographs] they look like pinned insects, they take on a beauty when you see them presented in that way...”

Please comment, how do you think it compares to the previous sleeve designs of Ladies & Gentlemen and Let it Come Down?

Spiritualized Music In A & E Album Sleeve Design

Spiritualized Music In A & E Album Sleeve Design


Miss White said...

I like it but the needles and things make me feel a little uncomfortable! I think the pill pop packaging is a hard standard to surpass.

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