Saturday, 19 April 2008

Banksy "One Nation Under CCTV"

Banksy has struck again in perhaps his most ironic piece of work yet. Seen painted on the side of a post office, his slogan "One Nation Under CCTV" was conducted behind a large fence with CCTV (surveillance camera) coverage. The job required the construction of three stories of scaffolding to complete the job and represents one of Banksy's boldest attempts and the irony is brought on by the fact this was all happening under the "eye in the sky" surveillance cameras.

How this was painted on a post office we will never know, but with the increased publicity and large sums his works command, maybe somebody willingly turned the blind eye?


Miss White said...

I've tagged you for the 6 quirks meme! If you'd like to do it the details are on my blog. xx

Velson said...

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